Kara Larson Arts Marketing Consultant



OK, you found us out. "We" is really me, Kara Larson, founder & principal.


Who am I?


I am a seasoned arts marketing professional. I've worked at performing arts companies across the US, and have solved most of the problems you face every day. I am confident that I can help you improve your marketing.

In the 1990s, I served as Project Director for the Washington-based non-profit National Council for the Traditional Arts. The project I was directing? The National Folk Festival (then resident in Lowell, Mass. and Johnstown, Penn.) At Sarasota Opera, I created new education programs and managed development communications and public relations. At the Glimmerglass Festival, I served as Marketing Director, overseeing all ticket campaigns, scheduling all performances and managing box office personnel. At San Francisco Opera, I served as Associate Director for Marketing and Subscriptions, managing $14M marketing campaigns, telemarketing, and the company’s re-branding and visual identity project. Most recently, I served as senior staff at Carolina Performing Arts’ 50-event, $3M performing arts presenting series at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as managing communications and media relations for other activities of the University’s Office of the Executive Director for the Arts, ranging from academic/arts integration activities to a variety of performance series and campus-wide arts support and curriculum extension. At the same time, I served as a Marketing Mentor in the Kennedy Center’s "Arts in Crisis" mentorship program, assisting troubled performing arts companies with their marketing needs.


Why did I found my own company? Because the part of the arts marketing job I really enjoy is the part most marketing directors don’t like. I specialize in pricing, subscription campaign growth, revenue growth, and research and data analysis that lead to successful strategies for marketing the performing arts. I can help you incrementally improve your marketing, or help you start over again from the ground up. I’ve done both.


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